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A Game of Mysticism and Mystery

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Welcome to Occupatio! A Game of Mysticism & Mystery. Occupatio is Latin for taking possession of the property from another person or entity. In Occupatio, you use the metaphysical to affect the physical world.

The study of the metaphysical has been going on since the beginning of time. The ancients used Shamans, Medicine Doctors, and Priests over the years to tap these phenomenons to benefit their Tribes, Peoples, and Nations. Interwoven within this ancient game, called Occupatio, is a connection of the physical and metaphysical. Use the Occupatio cards to explore your powers of mysticism and the abstract. Occupatio uses the power of phenomenon to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Occupatio has the integration of the metaphysical world with the natural prey of the physical world. Release the Mystics for an epic battle for the power between the Worlds.


• 36 Game Cards

• 18 Phenomenon Cards

• 2 Shaman Cards

• 25 white game chips per player* (Value=1 Mystiko each)

• 15 blue game chips per player* (Value=5 Mystikos each)

• 10 red game chips per player* (Value=10 Mystikos each)

• Accordion Rule Booklet

*not included in the BYOC or Bring Your Own Chip Edition


Once Occupatio is open, shuffle Game Card Deck & Phenomenon Cards.

Each player will select one card each off the top of the Game Deck to start the game. The highest card becomes the 1st Dealer. When selecting cards for the Dealer, if there are a tie, select cards until one player draws a higher card. Players alternate being Dealer until the end of the game. Place used cards in the 'discard pile' opposite to the placement of the 'in-play' game cards. When all the game cards have been exhausted, shuffle and replace the deck in its spot.

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Place Phenomenon cards in one pile. Every round rotates to the next card followed by placing the previous card on the bottom of the deck. Once all Phenomenon cards have been exhausted, shuffle and replace the deck in its spot.

CHIP DISTRIBUTION: Distribute chips to players. Recommended chip distribution would be 25 white, 15 blue & 10 red per player (CHIP VALUE: white chips= 1 Mystiko; blue chips=5 Mystikos; red chips=10 Mystikos)

DEALING GAME CARDS: The Dealer deals each player game deck cards in a back and forth manner until each Player has they have reached a playable hand of 5 cards. Place the remaining card deck in a neutral location between players. The cards are laid out in a 'face to face battle' for each card slot 1 through 5.


Reveal each card in order 1 through 5. The results of each card's 'head to head battle' will be determined by the Occupatio Card Battle Hierarchy Chart. Winning is defined as three 'head to head battles' wins. The winner of each game round receives the contents of the 'Mystikos pot.'

   Card Battle Hierarchy: Phenomenon > Venandi > Color > Number

Reveal the first two cards one by one after placing the 'buy-in' into the 'Mystikos pot.' Before the revealing of the 3rd card slots, each Player will have a chance to 'raise' their initial 'buy-in' or 'sustain' their Mystiko chip level at current amounts in the 'Mystikos pot.' In the event a Player sustains, and Player 'ups the anty' in that round, the other Player must match that amount or risk losing any Mystiko chips they have in the 'Mystikos pot.' If any Player cannot match any 'bet' by the other Player, they must go 'all in.' Please refer to the Occupatio Game Round Cost Chart for reference. Continue to reveal all the cards, and the results are based on the five head to head card battles. Repeat until one player possesses all the available Mystiko chips.

Gameplay 3.jpg

     USE OF SHAMAN CARD: Each Player receives one shaman card at the beginning of each game after the Dealer completes the deal. The card can be used at any time during any game to exchange an unrevealed card with your opponent in one of your five-card slots during the game. Once used, the Shaman card is rendered useless for the remainder of the game, match, or set.

    USE OF BUY OUT OPTION: Occupatio has a 'buy out' option that gives the ability for each Player to 'buy' another card for one of their five cards during any given round of the game, as long as they have enough Mystikos. After being dealt your 'hand,' you have the option to buy out one card from one of your five slots and replaced with a new card, according to the Occupatio Game Buy out Cost Chart. Any Player that has enough Mystikos can buy a new card for any of their five cards before the revealing of the first card. Place the 'buy out card' in the position of the card that the Player is replacing. Place the corresponding 'buy-out' Mystikos in the 'Mystikos pot.' Followed by placing the discarded card in the game cards 'discard pile.'


Play a game until one Player has captured all the available Mystiko chips.


In Occupatio, there are two types of Gameplay, and they both have different types of victory conditions.

    STANDARD PLAY: In standard Gameplay, victory is defined by who wins two games in a best of three games format.

    TOURNEY PLAY: A winner is determined In Tourney Gameplay by a three-round set up of 15 to 27 games. The first player to get five wins in a round will win that round. To win the Tourney Gameplay, you must win two of the three rounds. Each game in every round, the Mystikos chips are redistributed to each Player according to the chip distribution chart at the beginning. (Example Tourney Victory: 5-2, 3-5, 5-4)


Game (up to 11+ rounds) Match (up to 3 games or 15 to 27 games in Tourney Play) Set (up to 3 matches)


'All in' is defined as taking all remaining Mystikos to match a superior chip amount by your opponent. If you lose that round, you will lose that game.

Mystikos are an ancient metaphysical currency used by the ancients to draw energy and power from the metaphysical world to the physical one.

Phenomenon cards affect the game card deck's natural power structure. These game card connections convert those cards to the most powerful card in the game at that time.

Shaman cards are specialty cards used to exchange cards of your choice from your opponent during a round of Occupatio. It can only be used once during a game, match, or set.

Venandi is the natural predator indicator of a game card in the game card deck. If a cards venandi is the opposite card, that card will win any battle of cards besides a phenomenon card connection in the game. Please consult the Card Battle Hierarchy Chart for more information.


Thanks to all who helped or contributed to Occupatio™

Game Development by 571 Game Labs & Produced by Runes Media

Game Design by David Schick & Dave Krabal

Graphic Design by Runes Media

Additional Artwork by KELLEPICS, Tumisu, Activedia, Susannp4 & Comfrek

Game icons were created by Flaticon.com

Game Designed in the United States / Made in China

Paper Products are designed & printed in the United States

Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without express written permission of Schick Diversified Investment Group, LLC. This product is a work of Fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental.

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